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The place where to have fun

escrito por fra_a
13 enero 2010 a las 19:37

An historical venue in the Aribau area. A mixture of rock, 80s, 90s, spanish and house music. People of all ages (definitely not for teens!) having fun.
A lot of queue at the entrance, if you get there at the wrong time. My suggestion is to get a little earlier (before 1 am) and enjoy live music with a coktail before the party really starts.Better to wear a shirt, and not to be too unkept.


Two (or three) nights in one!

escrito por edobosio
23 diciembre 2009 a las 15:18

Luz De Gas is currently one fo the most fashion places in BCN. Depending on the time of your arrival, you can find 40-50 years old listening to live concert or crazy young people dancing the current hits.. with some spanish music and rock in the middle.
The result is a mixture of people that is there to have fun!
Personally, my favourite place. Be prepared for the queue and have some girls with you, or it could be difficult to get in.